Bundala National Park

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Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park is perhaps the most important wetland in Sri Lanka for both resident and migratory birds. It is famous for its aquatic birdlife which feed on the rich harvest provided by the numerous lagoons
throughout the park. The park covers some 6,216 ha and during the winter months more than 160 species of birds can be found within its boundaries. The park is the last refuge of the Great Flamingo in this part of the Island and encountering one of the huge flocks of Flamingo’s can be truly breathtaking.

Yala – Ruhunu National Park

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Yala - Ruhunu National Park

Yala National Park is world renowned as one of the best parks to observe and photograph leopards. Although it has one of the world’s densest leopard populations, it still requires good luck to see one of the elusive creatures in its natural habitat.

Covering an area in excess of 126,000 ha, the park is divided into 5 blocks, of which only Block One is open to the general public. The area consists of scrub jungle and brackish lagoons with stunning rock monoliths scattered throughout the park. The many different habitats provide a unique experience to anyone visiting the park and support a great variety of animals. The often low-density vegetation provides ideal conditions for safaris as it allows a clear and unobstructed view of the wildlife.

Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary

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This site is met with 1 km away from Ranna on he Ranna-Kalamatiya road. The Bird Sanctary in Kalametiya was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1938 (2.500 hectares) but this was abolished in 1946 due to the opposition of local residents. A considerably reduced area was once again declared a sanctuary in 1984, The Sanctuary includes the Lunama and Kalamatiya lagoons. Karukalli Saltern and the surrounding marshy areas. Kalamatiya area records about 15] species of birds of which 54 are migratory. There are four nationally threatened birds found within the Sanctuary – Indian Reef Heron, Glossy Ibis, Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl and Black-capped Purple Kingfisher with Jungle Fowl being the only endemic species. 38 species of reptiles, a large number of which are nationally and globally threatened. 41 species offish, about 20 species of mammals with 4 endemic (Shrew- Hikmeeya, Toque Monkey – Rilawa. bicoloured, Spiny Rat -Katu Miya and Tree Mouse) and a large number of plants have been recorded within the Sanctuary.


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Ussangoda is a legendary landing place of Ravana, the evil king of Hindu mythology who piloted his special peacock chariot across the skies. The area’s landscape is unusual, and its red earth is barren – possibly the result of a meteor that struc k in ancient times.

Ussangoda provides a panoramic view of the beach and the sea. The extent of this place is approximately 20 acres and very little grows on the barren red earth. Scrub jungle surrounds Ussangoda from the land side and on the sea side the plateau drops a sheer 60 feet over a rocky escarpment out to the open sea below. In ancient times this area was struck by a meteorite and the barren and unusual landscape stills bares witness to this catastrophic event.


Madunagala Hot springs

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Madunagala Hot springs

Laying in a wide expanse of open country, Madunagala Hot Springs is a wonderful creation of nature in all its natural beauty. Historically, these hot springs flowed into a natural water hole. Recently they have been renovated and attractive stone tanks and basins have been created.


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Diving at Great Basses & Little Basses Reefs off Kirinda

The reefs of Great Basses and Little Basses provide some of the best diving (or snorkelling) Sri Lanka can offer. The rocky outcrops of the Great and Little Basses are surrounded by sandstone reefs carved into strange formations by time and tide. Several shipwrecks are to be found here.

Jungle River Safari

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Jungle River Safari

Walawa Nadee Eco Tours Organisation, provides boat rides for those of you interested in spotting some wildlife in an area known for its rich bio diversity. The Walawa River Boat Rides popular among locals and tourists will take you through a rich biodiversity area complete with six varieties of mangroves, 52 fish species, 72 bird species, 38 plant varieties and 28 animal species.

Rakawa Lagoon & Turtle Conservation Project

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Rakawa Lagoon & Turtle Conservation Project

Rakawa is a seaside rural community engaged in fisheries and agriculture. Its long sandy beach and mangrove skirted lagoon gives it a rustic beauty. There is high local biodiversity as, in addition to mangrove forest, the local vegetation consists of scrub jungle, medicinal plants, and fruit trees. Also a wide variety of wildlife, including mammals, reptiles, 150 resident and migratory bird species, and many arthropods and aquatic creatures can be seen here.

Kudawella Blow hole – Hummanaya

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Kudawella Blow hole - Hummanaya

The Kudawella Blow Hole, a site that is breathtakingly mysterious. Volumes of sea water whistle through a natural fine hole from beneath a massive rock in the sea. Located on a rock about 40 ft above sea level, this magnificent site was first discovered after a close scrutiny of photographs taken from the sea.

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