The Deep South is home to beautiful hotels, guesthouses, resorts and more. Whether you’re looking for accommodation that offers unique experiences like being perched up among the trees, being within walking distance to the beach, being pampered 24/7, or surrounded by nature, we’ve got an option for you.


Ceylon Sea Hotel

Ceylon Sea Hotel is an oasis of tranquility and a place where you can leave the cares of the real world behind.

Nugasewana Eden

Relax on the unspoilt, golden beaches under the shade of the palm trees while savoring a king coconut picked just for you.

Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort

Lagoon Paradise blends into the surrounding lush greenery and is an excellent abode to wind down, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Goyambokka Guest House

Treat yourself to a stylish boutique resort surrounded by lush gardens and trees, and only a 2-minute walk from the pristine Goyambokka beach

Moonstone Villas

Moonstone Villas features beautifully crafted rooms and perfectly located. You’re only steps away from the beach, so come relax at a place that is sure to bring health, happiness, and prosperity.

Palm Paradise Cabanas & Villas

Palm Paradise Cabanas & Villas offers paradise in every sense of the word. Wake up to the soft breeze from the lush palm trees that surround you and enjoy the sounds of the waves right next to you.


Beddegama Eco Park

Get a true ‘back to nature’ experience being perched high at Beddegama Eco Park’s tree houses.

The Rain Tree Hotel

The Rain Tree hotel is perfectly located next to Tissa Lake and lush rice paddies. Enjoy the nature that surrounds the hotel during your stay. 

Chaarya Resort & Spa

Enter a peaceful and pampered realm at Chaarya Resort & Spa, surrounded by greenery and the perfect place to relax.

Robinson Hotel

Explore the sacred city of Kataragama from the perfectly situated Robinson Hotel.

Hotel Tissa

Hotel Tissa is filled with tranquil corners and blissful moments, surrounded by evergreen paddy fields and a crystal blue lake filled with lotus flowers.

Yala Way Bungalows

Answer to the call of the wild at Yala Way Bungalows. Yala Way is an exclusive forest bungalow that gives you incredible views of wildness, water lands, mountains, and more.

Wila Safari Hotel

Imagine complete peace of mind while being surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Or fulfil your sense of adventure by heading into the wild. Whatever your desires, Wila Safari Hotel has everything you need.


Peacock Beach Hotel

Peacock Beach Hotel is situated in a spacious garden and sits right next a beautiful sandy beach; enjoy a beautiful pool that overlooks the ocean.

Jade Green Hotel

Jade Green Hotel offers privacy and seclusion set among a beautiful grove of trees. Bird watch from your room as resident and migratory birds flock towards the salterns that surround the hotel.