Katuwana Dutch Fort

Katuwana Dutch Fort was constructed by the Dutch East Indian Company in the 17th century. Though not situated in a coastal location as most forts were, it was used to protect coastal lowland areas; Katuwana Fort was meant to defend attacks from the Kingdom of Kandy. Despite being built for security reasons, the fort also played an important part in the trading and purchasing spices such as cinnamon. Remember, Katuwana Fort was built by the Dutch East Indian Company; their primary concerns laid in the commercial trade business.

While strolling around the fort, it’s hard not to imagine what it used to look like back in 1646 when it was first constructed, and what it must have felt like being captured in 1761 during the Matara Rebellion. Take yourself back in time by exploring the history behind this small but significant fort.

Katuwana Dutch Fort is 36km from Tangalle, 62km from Hambantota, and 87km from Tissamaharama. Depending on where you’re staying, you can make a day trip out of it.