Tissa, as it’s usually referred to, is a small town beautifully adorned with monasteries and dagobas. It is believed that 12,000 arhats – perfect people who have reached nirvana – lived in or around Tissa. Needless to say, it’s still considered an important town for Buddhists. Tissa is surrounded by beautifully lush paddy fields, with a lake that sets the scene for a surreal sunset photo. Make sure you don’t miss the thousands of bats that take flight as the sun is setting from Tissa Lake, as it’s a spectacular sight to behold. Many people use Tissa as a jumping ground for Yala and Bundala National Parks, but it’s worth exploring the town itself.

Tissa is nestled conveniently in between Yala and Bundala National Parks and a quick 30-40 minute drive from Hambantota.