Idyllic beaches are in no short supply in Hambantota as they line the southern coast of the country. Whether you want to be a beach bum, surf, or snorkel, we have you covered. You can even even watch sea turtles lay their eggs at Rekawa Beach, one of the island’s best ecotourism destinations! 

Hirikatiya is a newly discovered paradise that backpackers have recently stumbled upon, meaning new restaurants, guesthouses, and hotels. Tangalle is the most popular destination for beach goers in the Deep South for its glittering waters and ideal snorkelling and diving conditions. But if you’re more interested in diving, Kirinda is your best bet. Great Basses & Little Basses Reefs near Kirinda is the best for an underwater adventure with colourful coral reefs and a fascinating 24-gun shipwreck for you to discover.

Whatever you’re looking for, we can guarantee you can find it in the Deep South. So grab a king coconut, relax, and enjoy your time in paradise.