Hambantota went from a sleepy fishing town to a developing economic zone for the south relatively quickly in the last decade. As a result, new hotels, inns, and restaurants have been established for the burgeoning tourism industry with a wonderful selection of activities to do in the surrounding areas.

The town is right in between Tangalle and Tissa, both towns are only one hour away. But with so many destinations to see right next to Hambantota, it would be a shame to miss out on the things it has to offer! You can find two national parks and two bird sanctuaries, natural wonders, archaeological sites and more only a stone’s throw away from Hambantota.

If you’re an avid bird watcher, Hambantota has everything you could dream of. Bundala National Park is considered Sri Lanka’s most important wetland for birds as it features up to 200 different species. It’s where migratory water birds come for the winter, one of which is the flamingo. Kalametiya itself is home to over 150 different species and is Sri Lanka’s oldest bird sanctuaries. At the Bird Research Center of Hambantota you can get up close and personal with the birds themselves! Make sure to bring your binoculars before leaving home. You don’t wanna miss out seeing all of these incredible animals.

Heal yourself at the natural springs of Madunagala, where large basins hold the waters that locals believe to be able to treat your ailments. Or, you can explore the expansive salt flats that dot the roads of Hambantota. The tradition of salt mining in Hambantota date back to ancient times and it still plays an important role for people today.

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