Tissa Lake

Take a relaxing stroll or boat tour around Tissa Lake, which is actually an artificial reservoir. It is believed that the reservoir was built for the purpose of irrigating paddy lands and to supply water to Tissamaharama in the 3rd century BC. Today, visitors come here not just to relax and watch the sunset, but also to see the birds that call Tissa Lake home. You can see ibis, kingfishers, even bats.

Feel free to walk around or hire a boat to bring you to the mini island across the lake. Either way you prefer, enjoy the tranquil surroundings at Tissa Lake. And make sure you stick around until dusk to see the incredible show of bats as they start their night, around 6:30pm. The sight of thousands of bats taking flight from the trees in search for their next meals is truly magnificent, especially against the backdrop of the changing sky and the serene lake. Make sure you bring your camera!


Tissa Lake is a short tuk ride from your hotel if you’re staying in Tissamaharama. If Hambantota or Tangalle are your base, opt to do a day trip to explore Tissa and enjoy the lake.