Turtle Watching

Sri Lanka truly offers unique experiences, and turtle watching is one of them. Rekawa beach, near Tangalle, is one of the few places in the world where you can observe sea turtles laying eggs within their natural habitat. Turtle watches occur at night and although turtle sightings are not guaranteed, you’ll be able to see a turtle throughout most of the year. Watch turtles as they’re returning to sea or laying eggs. High season is from April – July, and you can usually see about 5 – 15 turtles a night. During low season, October to January, there may be about 1 – 2 turtles.

As we don’t want to disturb the turtles while in their natural habitat, please don’t use a flashlight or take flash photography. Weekends are usually very busy, so if you want to avoid crowds, it’s recommended to visit during a weekday.

The Rekawa Turtle Watch conservation lead the turtle viewing tours. They’re a quick tuk or drive away from Tangalle.