Madunagala Buddhist Hermitage

Nestled within a jungle comprised of thorny bush, cacti and stunted trees, you will find the Madunagala Buddhist Hermitage, or Madunagala Temple. Monks still live here and meditate within ‘kuti’ – meditation rooms – built within the rocks. Buddhists and devotees regularly come to give alms to monks as Madunagala is still seen as an important site.

The highlight of the hermitage is the shrine house situated at the top of the rock which gives you a scenic view of Hambantota. Let the tranquility take over you and meditate in a beautifully serene landscape. Just make sure you leave by sunset as this is still the jungle and wild animals roam freely.

Madunagala Buddhist Hermitage is located 30km away from Hambantota and right next to Madunagala hot springs. After exploring the temple, feel free to soak your tired muscles in the healing waters.